Riverside Counselling does not bill insurance companies directly. Clients receive an invoice following each session and can submit their receipt for reimbursement.

Fees are paid following each session. Accepted payments include e-transfer for virtual sessions and credit/debit card payments for in-person sessions.

Individual Session Fee: $150  (55 minutes)
Couples Session Fee: $170. (60 minutes)


Therapy with a Registered Social Worker is not included under OHIP, however many workplace benefit plans cover these services. Check with your extended health benefits to learn about the coverage available to you.

Riverside Counselling Fees & Policies

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend or need to change your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise, you may be charged in full excluding medical emergencies.


All sessions and telephone conversations are kept strictly confidential. Information will not be shared with anyone without your written consent.

By law, there are a limited number of circumstances where disclosure of personal health information is required without consent. These include: disclosure of abuse of a minor and intent to cause harm to yourself or others.

Research has shown that online counselling is just as therapeutically beneficial as in-person with many additional benefits. Online services eliminate travel time and allow you to participate from the comfort of your home. It also allows you to access therapy if resources are limited in your area.

Is online counselling right for me?

Every person is unique and responds differently to counselling. Therapy can be short-term for a specific issue or longer-term to address a recurrent life pattern. Initially, most people attend on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 


The first session is designed to understand you and your unique situation, current problems, background, your strengths and resources in order to develop an appropriate plan for therapy. Our aim is to help you feel comfortable and safe to talk openly about your concerns.

what can i expect from the first session?

There is no rule stating when you should seek professional help. The best indicator is when you feel the skills and support you have aren't enough to solve whatever struggle you're experiencing. A new perspective or skill set can help resolve the situation and help you move forward.

How do i know i need professional help?

In case you were wondering...