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Therapy is designed to empower you by helping you become more self-aware, while giving you the tools to overcome the struggles you are facing. At Riverside Counselling, we believe you have the ability to bring your life and health back into balance.

your most vibrant self.

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Individual therapy provides you with an understanding of the origins of these thoughts and feelings and the tools to navigate your life as you develop better coping mechanisms and skills to alleviate suffering.

struggles with our thoughts and feelings can seem crippling at times. reaching out for support takes courage. you are not alone.

Individual Therapy

Feelings of sadness or depression, stress or anxiety
Relationship difficulties or struggles with parenting
Preparing or adjusting to significant life transitions
Difficulties with personal growth or self-esteem

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We all need support at different times in our lives. Having an empathetic listener who can hear your story and where you want things to be different is important. There is always hope for a new beginning!

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It is possible to feel all of these things, and a host of other emotions, all at once. Postpartum counselling supports you in walking through those overwhelming feelings, leaving you feeling confident in your new role as a parent.

motherhood can be exciting, joyous and incredibly fulfilling. It can also be isolating, frustrating and highly anxiety producing.

Postpartum Counselling

Overwhelming feelings of guilt, depression or anxiety
Panic at the thought of another sleepless night
Loss of personal identity or feelings of isolation
Difficulties communicating or connecting with your partner

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Becoming a mother can enhance our awareness of the intensity of human emotions. Postpartum counselling guides you through this transitional time and helps you feel like yourself again.

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Couples counselling can help couples come to a greater understanding of each other, identify their patterns of communication, recognize their emotional needs and gain strategies to navigate conflict.

relationships can be complicated. The road to "happily ever after" rarely comes naturally. It requires hard work, understanding and intentionality

Couples Counselling

Difficulties communicating and resolving conflict
Emotional distance and difficulty with connection
Feeling unloved or alone in your relationship
Difficulty navigating the challenges of parenthood

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As time passes, our relationships change. Sometimes these changes bring us closer together while other times they pull us apart. Counselling helps you to navigate your way through these changes and bring back the love and connection that brought you together.

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